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Category : KG-12 Education

Area Req : 2500 - Sq.ft

No. of Franchise Outlets : 0

Investment : Rs. 10lac - 20lac

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We are in a world of transition. The changes continue to petrify us – nuclear families, dysfunctional families, lack of collective values and moralities…the list is endless! We are in a constant dilemma of what is right and what is not, when it comes to raising children. Will my child be an emotionally healthy human being?

As parents of growing children, these are some of the questions that plague our minds. As educated parents, we realize that high academics and emotional well being are not necessarily correlated. While we have umpteen schools that focus on the academics, the role of emotional development in a child is ignored or under-played. We feel an ideal set up for children is one that focuses on academics, cognitive, physical and emotional development. What we look for is a Holistic Approach and since we didn’t find such models, we decided to create one – our creation is GURUKULAM!

¨VISION : To provide kids education of international standard at an affordable cost.

¨MISSION : It is our Mission to create a fully integrated Pre-School program designed to foster the child’s Physical, Social, Emotional, Language, Cognitive, and Creative Development.

At Gurukulam the child is free from the burden of expectations. The child is nurtured to excel and compete with one’s own self. As the constant threat of 'failure' is absent, there is actually a lot more room for success.

The emphasis is on shifting from:

‘Pressure to Perform’ to ‘Encourage to Progress’

'Result’ to ‘Process’

‘Comparison’ to ‘Co-operation’

‘Evaluation’ to ‘Reflection’

This approach liberates and inspires the child to do its best and not be bound by the artificial limits.


Our preference is for Women Entrepreneurs with significant education and  a passion for child development. We are looking for committed partners who will help us carry forward our ambition of making learning a fun experience for children   You must have

A college degree

A keen interest in education services

A love for working with young kids

Reasonable financial resources


¨MAN POWER SELECTION, SUPPORT AND TRAINING:  Ongoing Training and orientation program to the franchise owners, facilitators, care takers and office staff in all areas with regard to management of the school.

¨CURRICULUM TRAINING : Gurukulam will provide the curriculum and also offer curriculum training for the teachers on an ongoing basis along with specially developed monthly Timetables.

¨CENTRE VISITS:  The team of Gurukulam visits your branch periodically to evaluate, review the progress and provide any assistance you may need.

¨PROGRAM MATERIALS: Franchisee will be provided with the complete operational manual of the running of the centre. Office supplies and Learning material will be provided from the centre.

¨ARCHITECTURE AND INTERIOR DESIGN:  In setting up the preschool- interior and exteriors- furniture, paint codes, boards etc. We have a team of professionals who can set up the infrastructure within a time frame with minimum wastages to ensure that it is up to the standards that are expected.

¨MARKETING STRATEGY:  We work in partnership to execute highly professional, cost efficient and effective marketing efforts. We will support by providing professionally prepared advertising, promotional and marketing material.



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2500 - Sq.ft (1 Sq Meter = 10.76 Sq Ft.)
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